Cartire’s Santos, the continuous deduction of classic money

Cartire’s Santos, the continuous deduction of classic money, this year has a new design, the lines of the watchcase and the chain are more delicate and slender, with the quick dismantling of the strap, more time sense and vitality, non – hollowed stainless steel RMB 50 thousand. The first two years to lean out Luminor Due, and this year, the first release of 38mm so “small” size, let female fan and quasi female fan let go to love, carrying the joint peak group research and development of the quasi self produced machine, the pricing is more appropriate than the previous Due, stainless steel less than 50 thousand. The count’s Possesion women’s clothes table keeps the brand’s consistent decoration, but not as high as ever, adding the choice of the shell, the dial, and the strap. Most of the styles use quartz core, which can be called the woman’s wrist wardrobe, and the stainless steel does not insert the diamond less than 30 thousand. Herm’s Arceau Casaque, the dial drawing horse horse pattern, with yellow, red, green, blue tone, not only in the style of the brand, but also absolutely to wear a lift, with a quartz core, less than 30 thousand of the price of RMB.

Cartire's Santos, the continuous deduction of classic money
From buying fame to buying characteristics is the biggest sign of entry level into class demand. Watches and clocks are traditional and long. No matter in the technical structure or in the history and humanities, they will leave some classic records. Most of the mainstream brands in SIHH have long history and many classics. They are not only good at the expensive and rare custom or collection, but also make the special complex function at the peak and innovation. The latter is of good quality, unique technology, and is priced appropriately, and suitable for wearing. This year, the main brand of the function of the SIHH, more classic Renaissance as the theme, and into the new age of the details of the design, new bottled wine, the same mellow, different fragrance.

SIHH2018, new products will be on sale in May, giving you a list of all the strategies.

In May, more than 200 new products of SIHH2018 Geneva international watch salon will be launched. For the fans, the expensive watches that have been branded by a circle of friends and subscriptions for the last two months will immediately appear in the window of the unwittingly passing. In addition to the purse, there is no more fat. There is a headache: what kind of list is better to buy?

SIHH’s brand is a high-level table level, the most introductory pricing of the table is priced at RMB 3-5 million, and complex money or process money often hundreds of thousands, even break millions, and a small part of the custom. These works have long gone beyond the practical needs of the mechanical watch reading, but in the traditional technology, technical functions, scientific and technological research and development, brand culture, and other aspects of the interpretation of a way of life, aesthetic attitude, and even philosophical understanding.

SIHH2018, new products will be on sale in May, giving you a list of all the strategies.

How should I choose it? I think it’s not good or bad, only in demand. The following, the small editor in order to divide the needs of the list, advanced, players three levels, and then for the SIHH new products to do the corresponding recommendation, wait for the officer to take the seats, each need.

SIHH2018, new products will be on sale in May, giving you a list of all the strategies.

Stripping down the timing properties, the introduction of the mechanical table is first of all the social identity, even in the relatively high – cold high – level tabulating circle, which is also difficult to avoid. Choose the table to riveting the mainstream brand base in SIHH, the mainstream means the after-sales service in place, more important is the high awareness, wear out, everyone have to know ah; the basic function is as simple as possible, display hours, minutes, seconds, the maximum add a calendar, with the most appropriate price to buy the same name and quality.

Of course, the mainstream and foundation of SIHH lie on the whole table, and the price is slightly higher. But in the hand, we can see at the same time that the top-level process and the temperament displayed in the process are clear at the same time. This year, SIHH, advanced tabulation is adapted to today’s new era, transmitting its own top-level technology to personalized attitude and docking with a larger audience.