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Cherish the time When we walked through the previous romantic era, we felt that time was actually very good for us. It was just that we didn’t understand the time was precious. We only understood that when we let go, we were arrogant, but we did not cherish the time to shed for us. Tears. When I am no longer impulsive, when we can understand the precious time, when we are all missing the happy time, when we are not the ignorant teenager, when we did not give parents any return, When our fathers are leaving us, when we are sighing and urging the old, when everything is blurred, then we can hear a sigh of time. [organized by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com] The years have always slipped away inadvertently. Many times I don’t understand where to go. Many people are sighing where time goes. I don’t understand the time and slip away in my fingers Buy Replica Cartier Watches. When I was young Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu, I always thought that there was a lot of time. Many people were wasting their time like this. They knew that time had passed, but they still watched it slip away. Even if time is not sad, it will not Care, but when you really need it, you will find that everything will not go. Looking at myself in the years of time, there is nothing left, leaving only a lot of regrets, sighing why time is not long, I don’t understand that time is fair to everyone, but many people have no time to stay in love. This eternal thing that will not stop. When we really understand where the time goes, we find that the original time was inadvertently wasted. Don’t blame time for giving us too little. Time is the same for everyone, not biased towards anyone, time is The most fair, can only blame their own frivolity, do not know how to cherish time, from ignorance to rebellion, from rebellion to maturity to understanding, but unfortunately, when understanding time is precious, time has not returned, only to understand the ancestors left behind The famous sayings are correct. ‘One inch of time is one inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy inch inches of gold.’ Cherish the time left, don’t let us leave any regrets, because time will not give us another chance. People who love each other should know how to cherish Love is the acquaintance of the soul and the soul. It can not be decorated with too many words. Those who truly love each other will pay for their emotions without any care. The only expectation is only the pity of the other party; those who truly love each other will always care about each other and give him or her a caring and caring person; those who truly love each other, An action, a look, can lead the mind, the tacit understanding of the acquaintance but the joy of all material. Love, because of loyalty and specificity, because of the ingenuity and intoxication, because intoxicating and selfless, because of selflessness and purity. Throughout the ages,

young Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu

I have experienced many emotional stories that have made people feel so much. I always think of doing this as a protagonist. I am eager to know that I am accompanying myself for a lifetime. At least one unforgettable love has no such life. However, how many people can meet the right people in the right time? It’s just met, and if you don’t know how to cherish it, you will lose it. Love is an equal relationship, a natural emotional continuation, and it requires a mutual understanding and respect. If only one party pays, love will lose its correct direction, and even develop into a deformity, and finally paint a sad color. Some emotions have entered the misunderstanding from the beginning, because love is devoted. The habit of growing up over time makes some people feel that it is reasonable to have the other person’s care. So he is no longer moved, and will not reward the other with the same care. Love, not an exchange of equal value, does not have a fair bargaining chip, but it is like a balance. The weights at both ends will be inclined, and when it is too big, it will lose its center of gravity. Some people are tired and exhausted in the siege of marriage, but with the existence of duty and morality, they are still resolutely supported; some people have found a warm and happy affiliation in their marriage, maybe their life is not very rich, But it has the most precious wealth – from the heart of happiness. In fact, happiness is very simple, there is a language cloud: marriage needs to operate. Indeed, if you are good at business, you will gain happiness; if you are not good at business, you will only get the bitter green fruit. The essence of this business marriage is that both sides know each other. Love is a beautiful but evanescent flower. Only when you use your heart to water it can you produce fragrant flowers. Liu Ruoying has a very good lyrics in ‘After’, some people, once they miss it, no longer. At the same time that we sigh ‘I don’t cherish and lose the preciousness of knowing it’, does Yan Shu’s ‘not as good as pity for the eyes’ in ‘Cangxi Sha’ give us profound enlightenment? The triviality of life often makes us ignore our lover, and we always find many reasons to justify and excuse ourselves. Some people even make behaviors that hurt emotions, and at the same time have many emotions, but also beautiful names: hi new is not tired of old. To truly love someone is to be selfless, but love is exclusive. From this perspective, love is also selfish. It is impossible for a person who is empathetic and righteous to love two people at the same time. A person’s life can love multiple people, but that will never be at the same stage. For various reasons, different stages may have different emotions. As long as we treat them with heart, we will have no regrets. Life can be boring, and it can be vivid and funny, depending on our attitude towards life. Love is like a bunch of beads, broken one place, and the beads will fall into one place in turn. Careful care, the beads will shine; inadvertently, the beads will be invisible. Just like the man mentioned in the story, if he does not have to understand his wife’s love, then he will not quit his favorite cigarette. Love, need to know, know how to care, know how to be considerate Cartier Replica Watches, and understand everything that is dealt with for love. Only know that love can be more affectionate; only know, love adds warmth and infinite; only know, love can experience the new!

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Cherish life, feel free to Life is not bitter, bitterness is too much desire, body and mind are not tired, tired is carrying too much, and then suffering, we must use this day’s smile, make it into a calm memory, and then tired, use The current forgotten through the red dust, let the heart wave not be shocked, know a person relying on fate, understand a person rely on patience, conquer a person by wisdom, do a good person to be tolerant, the give up will never retain, the cherished decision Don’t let go, if, if you are not happy, if you are not happy, let go. Life is not perfect. I use a plain heart to look at everything around me. Life is an emotion. I want to be happy every day. No one is a perfect person. I am eager for perfection Replica Cartier Tank. When I am lonely, I encourage myself and work hard. Only when there is success, the moment of loneliness, always telling yourself, the pursuit can be rewarded, when you are frustrated, you will not give up, when you are proud, you will not be arrogant, be kind to life, watch the future, give yourself a comfort, give the society a reward, Peace of mind, quiet. People don’t have a long life, simple life is not difficult, some things, don’t ask others why Cartier Replica Watches, ask yourself what you are, find everything from yourself, don’t blame others for failure, don’t do too much things you don’t want to do, don’t just Taking into account the feelings of others, they have wronged themselves, gave up the abandonment, and seized their own. From now on, they are not living for anyone, but only for their own ideals of life. People do not need much glory, do not ask for anything, themselves Happy, casual, A good attitude, people can afford to do things, let things go, work with people, life is alive, there are gains and losses Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu, there are rewards for paying, fish and bear’s paw can not have both, sometimes your efforts do not have to Get rewards, but you have to understand some, don’t be too strict with yourself, life always has its reincarnation, God is fair, it is the same for everyone, life is short, good and happy to do oneself, pursue Your own way, live your life. Let your heart have a pure lake, tired of flooding on it, washing the dust and wounds, having a friend, wealth is not a friend of a person’s life, and friends are sometimes the wealth of your life, everyone expects to have friends, People who have no friends are sad and pathetic, but it is very difficult to have a sincere friend. Friends are not many and are fine. The so-called life is full of knowing oneself. The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water. This is the truth. For decades of life, living is an emotion, rich or poor, gains and losses, success or failure, like a cloud of smoke, the wind blows away, life, is the process of continuous harvesting and giving up, to be calm, Lost indifferent, not arrogant, defeated, do not look forward to the glory of others, do not envy the light of others, grasp the true self, live their true colors, listen to their inner feelings, as long as the heart is practical, the days are happy Life is real and life is free. Life is simple, be kind to others, understand yourself, don’t play tricks, don’t count people, in fact, the world is not complicated, the complex is the human heart, the complex people make the world complicated, life is not necessary to ask for trouble, treat sincerely Everyone around you smiles and responds to every day’s life, do what you should do, have less desire, have more freedom, live your own life, take your own path, and do simple things yourself, why not? Will be happy.

losses Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu

Who is an independent individual, no one who leaves, can not live, the sun rises as usual, learn to forgive, learn to understand, the pity of others, the helplessness of others, involuntarily, others will look high, not too overestimated Your own potential, lower your own nobleness, understand other people’s wrong, honesty is about people, life is actually like this, but helpless but must understand, sometimes always want to make yourself live a happy and happy, but can not be around people or things Cut off. I want to love life, to be passionate about life, to pursue life, to be smug, to be frustrated, to travel, to have a bumpy life, to have experience, to know how to float, to have sunshine, to have expectations, Rain will be poetic, three thousand things in the world, a light smile, coping with the various circumstances of life, a smile, is a kind of elegant life, alive, simple is actually very simple, laugh and see will be wide, the heart is transparent It will bloom in spring. Life should be cherished, life should be more hard, life should be done, and the retreat should be retired. It is a kind of wisdom, and life should be obvious. The possession of the possession is a realm that can believe others, but not Can count on others, don’t refuse goodwill, don’t care for Dalu, don’t help without big gifts, don’t dare to make big money, often interact with high-ranking people, meet with elegant people, share with friends, and be rich and happy. People are full of freedom, do not want to make much money, and how good they are. Real life, feeling life, changing time, feeling the fate of change, plain and speechless, feeling the warmth of people, people with heart, whether you are and not, will mourn, unintentional feelings, no matter how good or bad, just indifferent, No matter how prosperous and plain, it is your own scenery. You must learn to cope with it. Why do you have to bear too much, want to open, look away, let go, and that is all, the most beautiful, the most true, the more life, the more effort, the cherish Life is free.

him do some zero jobs for ten cents. Soon after, Jenny finally got the necklace she had dreamed of.

Jenny followed her mother in the supermarket payment team. What kind of birthday wish is this little girl with a beautiful blond curly hair? That is the pearl necklace that lies in a pink box. At this moment, it quietly shines softly, and in Jenny’s eyes, it is really beautiful. ‘Mom, can I buy it?’ Jenny took her mother’s hand and looked at her with her small head, and her beautiful eyes were full of hope. Mom said to Jenny: ‘This necklace sells one dollar and nine cents. If you really want it, then you can do more housework. Your birthday is coming, your grandmother will give you more use. Money, make up, you can have it soon.’ Maybe Jenny would like to get the necklace. After dinner, when she finished the extra chores, she ran to the neighbor, Uncle Mike, and asked if she could help him do some zero jobs for ten cents. Soon after, Jenny finally got the necklace she had dreamed of. She wears it almost at any time, even when she sleeps, she can’t take it down. She only dare not wear it when she is swimming or taking a bath. Because her mother has been jealous of Jenny, a necklace is wet, and the paint will take her. The neck is dyed green. After all, that’s not a bunch of real pearl necklaces. One night, when Dad told Jenny the story, he asked Jenny: ‘Do you love me?’


‘Of course I love you, you know that I love you very much.’ ‘Can you give me your pearl necklace?’ ‘No, Dad. I can’t give you my pearl necklace. But you can take my little princess. You know that among all the toys, I like her the most.’ ‘Dad doesn’t need your little princess, good night, Jenny, my father loves you.’ A week later, at the end of the storytelling time, Dad asked her again: ‘Jenny, do you love me? Can you give me the pearl necklace?’ ‘Dad, I can’t give you my pearl necklace. But I can give you my baby doll. She is still very new, you can also take her little bed together.’ ‘No, Jenny. Get a good night’s sleep.’ He left as usual on Jenny’s cheek and left. One night after another few days, when Dad stepped into her room, she was surprised to find that Jane sat on her bed with her legs crossed, her cheeks shaking slightly, and the tears slipping silently. ‘What’s wrong, Jenny? What happened?’ Jenny didn’t talk, and the small hand that had been holding it tightly stretched out to him. In her hand is her string of small pearl necklaces. ‘Let’s go, Dad, this is for you.’ Her little body is still shaking gently. Jenny’s father couldn’t help but get wet. He stretched out his hands and took Jenny’s necklace. The other hand reached into his pocket and slowly took out a blue flannel box containing a bunch of real Pearl necklace. Dad put this necklace on Jeanne and told her that she didn’t have to take it off even when she was swimming or taking a bath. Jenny looked at her father in amazement and joy. Finally, Dad told Jenny that the necklace had been in his pocket for a long time. He had been waiting for Jenny to give up the fake necklace so that he could give her a real treasure. .

The round face should not be worn with a collar or a large necklace with beads. Excessive round

The round face should not be worn with a collar or a large necklace with beads. Excessive round lines are not conducive to adjusting the visual impression of the face. If you wear a longer necklace with a pendant, you can use the ‘V’ angle formed by the necklace to enhance the continuity of the face and neck. That is to say, a part of the neck is connected to the face, so that the visual length of the face is changed. The long face is more suitable for wearing a necklace with a ’round effect’, like a traditional pearl, a short necklace of gems, and a unique charm that surrounds the neck. The short apron necklace, which fits your face, represents the fashion requirements, and can make your face look shorter while highlighting your pretty. The square face MM wears a beautiful circular necklace, which can alleviate the square line of the face. If you wear a beaded necklace, the bead should avoid diamonds or squares. Square face MM chooses a necklace with a pendant or a necklace that is longer than the clavicle. It forms a beautiful curved shape on the chest, which can balance the wider mandibular line. The neck with a shorter neck length will be nice in the middle of the sternum below the collarbone. . Need to follow the ‘lower edge than the upper edge’ of the pendant, plus the V-shaped lines displayed in the chest lock, will make your graceful and elegant temperament to the fullest. In fact, many necklace shapes are more suitable for the face shape of the melon, and it is OK to pick the one you like. 1. Do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or scratching. 2. Always pay attention to keep the silverware dry, it is best not to wear to swim, do not approach the hot springs and sea water. After each wear, you can wipe it gently with cotton cloth or tissue paper to remove moisture and dirt, and then store it in a sealed bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with air. 3. The best maintenance method for silverware is to wear it every day, because the oil produced by the human body can make the silverware get good maintenance effect and increase the natural luster. 4. IThe round face should not be worn with a collar or a large necklace with beads. Excessive round it means that the silverware has a chemical phenomenon of oxidation. You should first clean the cracks of the silverware with a small brush, then gently wipe the surface of the silverware with a fine cloth, or squeeze a little toothpaste and add some water. Appropriately smash until the small white bubble, then rinse with water, you can let the silverware restore the original light. 5. If you do not wear silver for a long time, be sure to store the silverware in a sealed bag to protect the air from oxidation. Handmade summer candy color small hair ball necklace The colorful candy-colored necklace is really suitable for summer. This hand-made summer candy-colored small ball necklace recommended by Xiaobian is made of pink and tender yellow small balls. You can make a nice necklace, simple, practical and beautiful. Let’s try it~ Handmade summer candy color small hair ball necklace tutorial is as follows: Want a nice necklace for summer wear? Xiao Bian recommended two beautiful necklaces for everyone, fresh and natural yet beautiful, I hope everyone will like it. Xu Jinglei KAiLA opened the Korean version of the mermaid tears sweet diamond pearl rhinestone necklace Personality collar jewelry jewelry collar coral sea necklace handmade copper wire red coral Czech beads

Cartire’s Santos, the continuous deduction of classic money

Cartire’s Santos, the continuous deduction of classic money, this year has a new design, the lines of the watchcase and the chain are more delicate and slender, with the quick dismantling of the strap, more time sense and vitality, non – hollowed stainless steel RMB 50 thousand. The first two years to lean out Luminor Due, and this year, the first release of 38mm so “small” size, let female fan and quasi female fan let go to love, carrying the joint peak group research and development of the quasi self produced machine, the pricing is more appropriate than the previous Due, stainless steel less than 50 thousand. The count’s Possesion women’s clothes table keeps the brand’s consistent decoration, but not as high as ever, adding the choice of the shell, the dial, and the strap. Most of the styles use quartz core, which can be called the woman’s wrist wardrobe, and the stainless steel does not insert the diamond less than 30 thousand. Herm’s Arceau Casaque, the dial drawing horse horse pattern, with yellow, red, green, blue tone, not only in the style of the brand, but also absolutely to wear a lift, with a quartz core, less than 30 thousand of the price of RMB.

Cartire's Santos, the continuous deduction of classic money
From buying fame to buying characteristics is the biggest sign of entry level into class demand. Watches and clocks are traditional and long. No matter in the technical structure or in the history and humanities, they will leave some classic records. Most of the mainstream brands in SIHH have long history and many classics. They are not only good at the expensive and rare custom or collection, but also make the special complex function at the peak and innovation. The latter is of good quality, unique technology, and is priced appropriately, and suitable for wearing. This year, the main brand of the function of the SIHH, more classic Renaissance as the theme, and into the new age of the details of the design, new bottled wine, the same mellow, different fragrance.

SIHH2018, new products will be on sale in May, giving you a list of all the strategies.

In May, more than 200 new products of SIHH2018 Geneva international watch salon will be launched. For the fans, the expensive watches that have been branded by a circle of friends and subscriptions for the last two months will immediately appear in the window of the unwittingly passing. In addition to the purse, there is no more fat. There is a headache: what kind of list is better to buy?

SIHH’s brand is a high-level table level, the most introductory pricing of the table is priced at RMB 3-5 million, and complex money or process money often hundreds of thousands, even break millions, and a small part of the custom. These works have long gone beyond the practical needs of the mechanical watch reading, but in the traditional technology, technical functions, scientific and technological research and development, brand culture, and other aspects of the interpretation of a way of life, aesthetic attitude, and even philosophical understanding.

SIHH2018, new products will be on sale in May, giving you a list of all the strategies.

How should I choose it? I think it’s not good or bad, only in demand. The following, the small editor in order to divide the needs of the list, advanced, players three levels, and then for the SIHH new products to do the corresponding recommendation, wait for the officer to take the seats, each need.

SIHH2018, new products will be on sale in May, giving you a list of all the strategies.

Stripping down the timing properties, the introduction of the mechanical table is first of all the social identity, even in the relatively high – cold high – level tabulating circle, which is also difficult to avoid. Choose the table to riveting the mainstream brand base in SIHH, the mainstream means the after-sales service in place, more important is the high awareness, wear out, everyone have to know ah; the basic function is as simple as possible, display hours, minutes, seconds, the maximum add a calendar, with the most appropriate price to buy the same name and quality.

Of course, the mainstream and foundation of SIHH lie on the whole table, and the price is slightly higher. But in the hand, we can see at the same time that the top-level process and the temperament displayed in the process are clear at the same time. This year, SIHH, advanced tabulation is adapted to today’s new era, transmitting its own top-level technology to personalized attitude and docking with a larger audience.