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The brand history of Cartier watches, who invented the world’s first modern watch with both decoration and functionality Cartier Replica Watches, is Cartier. For more than 100 years, Cartier has not only created countless exquisite jewellery, but also in the field of watches and clocks, with its extraordinary creativity and perfect craftsmanship. Cartier seems to have mastered the key to time and space, and got rid of the embarrassment of time. It freely travels between classical and modern, pushing the watchmaking process to its peak Buy Replica Cartier Watches. Jewelry and watches are like twin sisters, telling the beauty of luxury with a common voice. Cartier, a top jewellery brand with the title ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, also has a prominent position in today’s watch industry. In 1847, the master of jewelry production Louis.

SIHH 2018 MontBlanc new 1815 single button timestamp Watch

Francois. Cartier opened a jewellery workshop in Paris, France, and the Cartier brand was founded. In 1904, Cartier, which started with royal jewellery, began to enter the field of watches and clocks Replica Cartier Tank, Louis. Francois. Cartier’s grandson made a ‘Santos’ watch, this exquisite, luxurious gold watch opened the door to the upper class, and laid the foundation for Cartier to become the world’s watch industry. In 1911, Cartier launched the classic ‘magic clock’, the clock pointer floating in the air seems to run away from the movement alone, the ‘magic clock’, the production technology is still a unique skill that Cartier refused to disclose. In 1917, Louis Cartier designed the ‘Tank’ watch.

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