him do some zero jobs for ten cents. Soon after, Jenny finally got the necklace she had dreamed of.

Jenny followed her mother in the supermarket payment team. What kind of birthday wish is this little girl with a beautiful blond curly hair? That is the pearl necklace that lies in a pink box. At this moment, it quietly shines softly, and in Jenny’s eyes, it is really beautiful. ‘Mom, can I buy it?’ Jenny took her mother’s hand and looked at her with her small head, and her beautiful eyes were full of hope. Mom said to Jenny: ‘This necklace sells one dollar and nine cents. If you really want it, then you can do more housework. Your birthday is coming, your grandmother will give you more use. Money, make up, you can have it soon.’ Maybe Jenny would like to get the necklace. After dinner, when she finished the extra chores, she ran to the neighbor, Uncle Mike, and asked if she could help him do some zero jobs for ten cents. Soon after, Jenny finally got the necklace she had dreamed of. She wears it almost at any time, even when she sleeps, she can’t take it down. She only dare not wear it when she is swimming or taking a bath. Because her mother has been jealous of Jenny, a necklace is wet, and the paint will take her. The neck is dyed green. After all, that’s not a bunch of real pearl necklaces. One night, when Dad told Jenny the story, he asked Jenny: ‘Do you love me?’


‘Of course I love you, you know that I love you very much.’ ‘Can you give me your pearl necklace?’ ‘No, Dad. I can’t give you my pearl necklace. But you can take my little princess. You know that among all the toys, I like her the most.’ ‘Dad doesn’t need your little princess, good night, Jenny, my father loves you.’ A week later, at the end of the storytelling time, Dad asked her again: ‘Jenny, do you love me? Can you give me the pearl necklace?’ ‘Dad, I can’t give you my pearl necklace. But I can give you my baby doll. She is still very new, you can also take her little bed together.’ ‘No, Jenny. Get a good night’s sleep.’ He left as usual on Jenny’s cheek and left. One night after another few days, when Dad stepped into her room, she was surprised to find that Jane sat on her bed with her legs crossed, her cheeks shaking slightly, and the tears slipping silently. ‘What’s wrong, Jenny? What happened?’ Jenny didn’t talk, and the small hand that had been holding it tightly stretched out to him. In her hand is her string of small pearl necklaces. ‘Let’s go, Dad, this is for you.’ Her little body is still shaking gently. Jenny’s father couldn’t help but get wet. He stretched out his hands and took Jenny’s necklace. The other hand reached into his pocket and slowly took out a blue flannel box containing a bunch of real Pearl necklace. Dad put this necklace on Jeanne and told her that she didn’t have to take it off even when she was swimming or taking a bath. Jenny looked at her father in amazement and joy. Finally, Dad told Jenny that the necklace had been in his pocket for a long time. He had been waiting for Jenny to give up the fake necklace so that he could give her a real treasure. .