The round face should not be worn with a collar or a large necklace with beads. Excessive round

The round face should not be worn with a collar or a large necklace with beads. Excessive round lines are not conducive to adjusting the visual impression of the face. If you wear a longer necklace with a pendant, you can use the ‘V’ angle formed by the necklace to enhance the continuity of the face and neck. That is to say, a part of the neck is connected to the face, so that the visual length of the face is changed. The long face is more suitable for wearing a necklace with a ’round effect’, like a traditional pearl, a short necklace of gems, and a unique charm that surrounds the neck. The short apron necklace, which fits your face, represents the fashion requirements, and can make your face look shorter while highlighting your pretty. The square face MM wears a beautiful circular necklace, which can alleviate the square line of the face. If you wear a beaded necklace, the bead should avoid diamonds or squares. Square face MM chooses a necklace with a pendant or a necklace that is longer than the clavicle. It forms a beautiful curved shape on the chest, which can balance the wider mandibular line. The neck with a shorter neck length will be nice in the middle of the sternum below the collarbone. . Need to follow the ‘lower edge than the upper edge’ of the pendant, plus the V-shaped lines displayed in the chest lock, will make your graceful and elegant temperament to the fullest. In fact, many necklace shapes are more suitable for the face shape of the melon, and it is OK to pick the one you like. 1. Do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or scratching. 2. Always pay attention to keep the silverware dry, it is best not to wear to swim, do not approach the hot springs and sea water. After each wear, you can wipe it gently with cotton cloth or tissue paper to remove moisture and dirt, and then store it in a sealed bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with air. 3. The best maintenance method for silverware is to wear it every day, because the oil produced by the human body can make the silverware get good maintenance effect and increase the natural luster. 4. IThe round face should not be worn with a collar or a large necklace with beads. Excessive round it means that the silverware has a chemical phenomenon of oxidation. You should first clean the cracks of the silverware with a small brush, then gently wipe the surface of the silverware with a fine cloth, or squeeze a little toothpaste and add some water. Appropriately smash until the small white bubble, then rinse with water, you can let the silverware restore the original light. 5. If you do not wear silver for a long time, be sure to store the silverware in a sealed bag to protect the air from oxidation. Handmade summer candy color small hair ball necklace The colorful candy-colored necklace is really suitable for summer. This hand-made summer candy-colored small ball necklace recommended by Xiaobian is made of pink and tender yellow small balls. You can make a nice necklace, simple, practical and beautiful. Let’s try it~ Handmade summer candy color small hair ball necklace tutorial is as follows: Want a nice necklace for summer wear? Xiao Bian recommended two beautiful necklaces for everyone, fresh and natural yet beautiful, I hope everyone will like it. Xu Jinglei KAiLA opened the Korean version of the mermaid tears sweet diamond pearl rhinestone necklace Personality collar jewelry jewelry collar coral sea necklace handmade copper wire red coral Czech beads

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